E B White (1899 – 1985)

Born July 11, 1899, in Mount Vernon, New York, EB White was nicknamed 'Andy' in college at Cornell University.

White worked in journalism after graduating in 1921, securing a job with The New Yorker magazine in 1927, a publication he continued to work for throughout his lifetime. He met his wife Katharine at the magazine, where she was an editor and writer. The couple was married in 1929, the same year White published an essay collection called Is Sex Necessary? Or, Why You Feel the Way You Do, co-written with James Thurber.

In 1945, White published his first children's book, Stuart Little, followed by Charlotte's Web in 1952. White was also known for his revision of William Strunk Jr's The Elements Of Style, known as Strunk and White to generations of writers and students. In 1971 White was awarded the National Medal for Literature.

Books by E B White