New and Used Textbooks for Classrooms

Teachers and institutions at elementary, middle, and high schools as well as home-schoolers can find creative budget solutions for classroom materials by buying new and used textbooks online from Biblio!

Use the search below to find copies of the books you are looking for. The ISBN is often sufficient, but you might try the author and title if you want to find other editions of the book (such as a slightly older edition, which can often be found much cheaper).

What to consider when buying textbooks for elementary or secondary schools

  1. Buy an older edition of the textbook. Many subjects change very little from one edition to the next. If you are teaching material that isn't likely to have changed drastically in the last few years, you can often find an earlier edition, available in large quantities, for a huge savings - often more than 90%!
  2. Search for savings on new textbooks. Many booksellers offer the current editions of textbooks at deeply discounted prices. Try comparing prices with's network of over 5,000 independent booksellers as an alternative to textbook wholesalers.
  3. Buy used copies of current editions of textbooks can be an easy way to cut costs.
  4. Take advantage of's easy Purchase Order payment options for schools and institutions.
  5. Look for a bookseller that is offering quantity on the book you need (use the checkbox in the form above to do this).'s unique network of used booksellers offer an easy way to search thousands of bookstores at one time, but many booksellers will only have one copy of the book you need in their inventory. Booksellers with multiple copies of a particular book will advertise that by showing "Qty " with the number of copies by the title in search results. You can also use our advanced search, which will allow you to specify the minimum number of copies you would like the bookseller to have on hand.
  6. Search for booksellers that have several titles you need using Biblio's Multiple ISBN Search tool to save on shipping costs.
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