Rare and Antiquarian Books

Science, Technology and Transportation


Car lovers will definitely love our collection of books and ephemera dedicated to automobilia. These books are perfect for any car-enthusiast's collection.


Aviation isn't just the history of airplanes. From the earliest kites to the drawings of Leonardo da Vinci, this section has a wide range of rare and antique books on aviation.


Books and illustrations dedicated to botany are among the most collectible pieces of literature and ephemera that we offer. Anything in this section is sure to delight your green thumb.


The science and art of engineering is well explored in this collection of books and ephemera.

General Transportation

If you like to travel, this section of the Biblio Rare Book Room has some rare and unique books for you. Planes, trains, and automobiles await!


The United States grew exponentially when we started using trains, and there are some remarkable books and ephemera on the history and science behind locomotion.


Sailing the seven seas has never been captured quite as thoroughly as the collectible maritime books found here.


Even if math wasn't your favorite subject in school, these rare mathematics books would certainly add value to any academic book collection.


Biblio is proud to present our booksellers' collection of intriguing, engrossing, and downright frightening books on the history and science behind the medical field.

Natural History

The topic of natural history is vast and diverse. From collectible books on fungi to rare volumes on British fauna, there is a book for every collector.

Science & Technology - General

Engineering, chemistry, and robotics are all represented in this section. To see what inspired authors like Philip K. Dick, browse through here.


This section covers the anatomy, biology, psychology, and physics of the animal kingdom. Our booksellers have some tremendous zoology books and illustrations.