Rare and Antiquarian Books

Religion, Philosophy and Metaphysics


One of the most printed books in the world, and one of the first books ever to be printed using moveable type. The Bible includes some of the rarest and most sought printed works ever.


2,000 years of tradition and faith inform the collection of Christian works in these pages.

Eastern Religions

Comprising a myriad of nations and religious traditions, including Taoism, Confucianism, and a great range of spiritual disciplines and belief structures.


Judaism is one of the world's oldest religions. Thousands of years of Jewish faith and culture have created some of the most exquisite volumes in the the history of publishing.

Metaphysics and New Age

Many paths lead into the nature of the spirit. Here a few of those trails begin.


The myths of cultures are a record of human history, from the most exalted desires to the greatest depths of our fears. The influence of Carl Jung and Joseph Campbell have changed the way we see mythology. Here are the works that inspired their works and interpretations of those stories that give them context.


Literally the word describes the hidden, hinting at a history of secret knowledge. Within these books some of those secrets may be revealed.

Philosophy & Religion Books

Religion and Philosophy are so closely related that they can be impossible to separate in some cases.


While individual faiths and beliefs vary drastically, the instinct for religion is nearly universal among people around the world.