Rare and Antiquarian Books

Social Sciences, Biography and Genealogy

African American Studies

The history of Black Americans is complicated and at times troubling, and informs everything that it means to be an American. From the writings of Eldridge Cleaver through Frederick Douglass to Bell Hooks and beyond.


The social history of what it means to be human. Scientifically tracing customs and habits of the human race, giving insight into who we were and who we now are.


The lives of others hold a special fascination for us all. These are the stories of great women and men, and a few lesser-known, throughout history.


Knowing the history of our ancestors better helps us understand who we are. These family lineages are invaluable resources for researching our family trees.


These elaborate ornamental devices once identified powerful families in the battle fields. Coats of arms continue to represent families for more peaceful purposes throughout much of the world.

Native American

The various tribes across the North and South American continents have a rich history that is often overshadowed by the waves of conquest and colonization by European nations.


From the early, formative works of Freud and Jung, to the contemporary luminaries of this field.

Women's Studies

Since long before the Suffragette movement women have fought to define themselves and their history. The most important works of feminism and women's history are here in these pages.