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Wesleyan University Press

Founded (in its present form) in 1957, Wesleyan University Press is part of Connecticut’s Wesleyan University - the smallest college or university in the nation to have its own press, which publishes approximately 25 books each year. The Press’s poetry series, now the second-oldest in the nation, was nurtured in its infancy by noted poet Richard Wilbur, then an English professor at the University. In the mid-1950s, William Manchester, who would become a long time writer-in-residence and professor at the University, served as an editor at the Press. A future Poet Laureate of the United States, Donald Hall, served as a member of the editorial board for poetry at the Press from 1958 to 1964. In the 1960s, T.S. Eliot served both as a roving editor for the poetry series and special editorial consultant of the Press. In the former capacity, Eliot’s responsibilities included finding rising English and European poets for the Press.

First Edition Identification

Wesleyan University Press states either “First Edition” or “First Printing” on the copyright page of first editions and notes subsequent printings.