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About Us The Ephemera Society of America, Inc. is a non-profit organization formed in 1980 to cultivate and encourage interest in ephemera and the history identified with it; to further the understanding, appreciation, and enjoyment of ephemera by people of all ages, backgrounds, and levels of interest; to promote the personal and institutional collection, preservation, exhibition, and research of ephemeral materials; to serve as a link among collectors, dealers, institutions, and scholars; and to contribute to the cultural life of those who have an interest in our heritage as a nation or a people, both nationally and internationally. The Society sponsors an annual convention that includes seminars, exhibitions, a superb ephemera show and sale, workshops, collector forums, and other conference events. The Society?s Web site ? ? connects with thousands of visitors seeking information about ephemera, provides contacts with other collectors and ephemera-related businesses, and includes notices of Society events. All members-?individuals, libraries, corporations, colleges, historical societies, and museums?receive The Ephemera Journal, a 32-page four color publication published three times a year; an annual Membership Directory; the eNews, and special admission to Society-sponsored functions. Members also enjoy the camaraderie and shared interests of fellow ephemerists. Visit The Ephemera Society of America online

Pages For Sages

Beachwood, Ohio, United States

Pages For Sages has been in the business of buying and selling rare and used books, ephemera, and other unusual items for over forty years. We have long depended on book fairs, printed catalogs, auctions, and the like to support…