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Collecting Mystery Books by Year

The room is full of suspicious characters when suddenly the lights go out. A shocked scream rings out and when the lights flicker back on, one of the guests is dead on the floor. Everyone panics! Who could have done such a thing, and why?! Modern mystery fiction is captivating by nature, wrapping the reader in a world of complex puzzles or impossible circumstances that must be resolved. Whether you're turning the pages of a courtroom thriller by John Grisham, reading a gritty tale of espionage by John le Carré, solving a clever whodunnit by Dame Agatha Christie, or hunting down clues with Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys, mystery stories are a popular genre for a reason! It's a joy to feel your heart pace increase as the drama unfolds and to gasp when the plot twists and all of your careful deductions crumble under you. In this continuation of our Book Collecting By the Year series, enjoy our picks for the most collectible Mystery Novel for each year from 1920-2010.

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